If this year has really walled you in, American Authors are here to help you smash those walls down ‘Brick By Brick’ with their upcoming EP.

Credit: Spencer Kohn

Listen, we know that 2020 has been rough - we feel the same! The start of an entirely new decade, and all we’ve received have been difficult moments, month after month. These are tough times, and for those who feel shot down, American Authors have a simple message for you: you got this. Coming from a band that was ripped apart due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they did what they could to make some sweet, heartwarming, and uplifting tracks on their upcoming EP Counting Down.

Tribute Kiosk, a provider of interactive photo booths, at BMO Field’s Select-a-Seat event for the Toronto FC

No modern event or party today is complete without the main things: a full-blown bar, delicious appetizers, a great crowd, and a photo booth. Party season is here, which means that photo booth fleets are busier than ever. For those in the business, this time of year is comparable only to the wedding season. Photo booths have become a component of corporate and personal events. The saying “pics or it didn’t happen” is becoming “photo booth or we didn’t party.”

Photo booths aren’t new: In a span of 100 years, they evolved from what printed eight pictures for 25 cents…

SXSW’s annual Hackathon has crowned its champions

The Notable Winners of SXSW’s 7th Annual Hackathon — Credit: Kenneth Eke

Reaching new heights has never been a problem during SXSW®’s Hackathons, especially after hosting it for the sixth time in a row. The event, which ran for 24 hours from March 12 to the 13, brought in a multitude of creative and innovative ideas on stage with no project being short of impressive.

Hosted by facilitators Travis Laurendine of ShowSparker.com and Luann Williams of SXSW, and presented by root9B (R9B), the competition brought 29 submissions to life. …

SXSW® has been uncovering some of the best tech creators and programmers through its SXSW Hackathons — SXSW Hackathon 2018

Austin, Texas — It’s going to be a packed and exciting week for hackers in Austin! South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals (March 8–17, 2019) have announced that the SXSW Hackathon is coming back. With an exhilarating 24-hour marathon on March 12–13 at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, developers, coders, and tech creatives will collaborate in teams to build technology focused on topics covered at the conference— including Music, VR, AR, AI, and Blockchain.

“[The SXSW Hackathon] has created a ton of business for us and we are currently able to continue as a startup without the need for…

Written by Davinder Jangi, Edited by Philip Plotnicki

Welcoming the Best of the Best to Hacking Arts 2018

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear art? It likely falls in the bucket of visual and performing arts, music or fashion: a Banksy painting (or whatever remains of it), ballet performance or a Kendrick Lamar song.

How about art and technology?

The possibilities now skyrocket to an unfathomable degree: digital art on the blockchain, a VR light show or rap music created by DNA (See conference highlights below).

Congratulations to all participants of GrowUp’s very first Cannabis Hackathon!

The intersection between cannabis and technology cannot be overstated. From supply chain tracking and strain identification to potency testing and distribution management, the applications for advanced tech within the cannabis industry are staggering. That is why GrowUp’s first-ever Cannabis Hackathon took place this past week at Brainsights’ head office in Toronto, Canada!

The Hackathon featured a number of teams who committed to spending 24 hours producing innovative work, brainstorming ideas, debating, and everything in between. This competition brought in participants from different fields, like coders, developers, designers, engineers to explore ideas for tracking, purchasing, reporting, strain identification, verification, integration with…

The Hackathon will take place at Brainsights’ Head Office in Toronto, Canada from September 6 -7!

If you’ve got the chops and are interested in creating new tech for the cannabis industry, there’s room for a few last minute submissions here.

“The cannabis industry is vast, complex, and in dire need of top minds building solutions that will allow the industry to reach its full potential. Hackathons are a great way to give developers exposure to the industry and get them excited about the challenge” — Pranav Sood, Founder of Trellis

The above quote is from Pranav Sood, the founder of Trellis. Their main challenge is to use seed-to-sale data in Trellis to build visualization tools…

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